Make an Imperfect home your Perfect Home!

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Many are concerned that their available cash for their initial investment into a home is only enough to cover the down payment, and they have to severely restrict their home choice to near Perfect "as is" homes.

For example, someone with $20,000 down payment who income and credit qualifies for a $400,000 purchase (5% down payment), may avoid homes that are Imperfect "as is" for their needs, because the homes may be missing:

  • newly constructed without back yard landscaping, fencing, decking (stairs?), or garage
  • older home needing cosmetic upgrades for flooring, bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters and cabinets
  • home with tear out or no basement development for additional living space
  • room configuration changes needed to open up space, modernize

Often, these same imperfect homes are priced lower because they are imperfect.  But, the issue is- say the home is priced at $360,000 not $400,000.   There is $10,000 cosmetic improvements to make it the Perfect Home.   Well, the down payment for 5% down is $18,000.  Cost of improvments are $10,000.   That's $28,000 needed to create the Perfect Home.  It's not in the budget.

The good news is you can take advantage of a low market priced home, bring it to your Perfect Home stage in a short period of time, and within your initial investment (down payment) budget.

For specific information about how to do this for a home you have in mind.   Ask Phil.   email or better yet, call me at 403-630-7952