New Age Disaster prophecy? Condo minutes- a must read!

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Many people dislike and avoid looking at a bunch of numbers. They see numbers as a bunch of mean, swiggly lines that are just made to confuse them.  And, there are a lot of numbers in condo balance sheets, income statements, reserve studies, and budgets.

Are you looking at buying a condo and are not analytical when it comes to numbers?  It makes sense to pay a professional to review the numbers for you and give you the condensed version of what the numbers say.

Do you already own a condo, and can not be bothered to read the numbers or pay a professionial each year to tell you what the numbers now say?  At least read other narrative reports you get. They can be entertaining and sometimes scary.

The minutes of the Directors' Meeting and the minutes fo the Annual General Meeting often include corporate politics, gossip and may read like a New Age disaster prophecy.    The disaster may be a significant destruction of your bank account or credit facilities.  The minutes may count down to a financial hit called a "special assessment".

It is worth your time to take a read on the situation being fore-told in the Directors' minutes and especially the Annual General Meeting (also know as an AGM).