Qualified home inspector looks for grow op evidence

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A reputable buyers' agent realtor will recommend you have a qualified home inspector review the home of which you are making an offer.

The home inspector will look for issues regarding building code violations, the state of repair from the roof to the basement, and for evidence the home was used for a grow op or other drug production.

The inspection may identify the home as a former drug production centre.   There are the obvious construction related issues with such a home.  Cored basements that may leak, structural damage from creating venting conduits, plus humitity and water damage that will attract mold.

There is also the risk that not all the bad guys got the news the home is a FORMER drug house.   The criminial element may have vacated the premises, but that does not help you if their competition thinks the house is still under its former use.

You may have very aggressive uninvited guests barging in.  Or, banging in!

Moral of the story:  if you are aware the home was a former grow op, the construction component of the home can be remediated, but its reputation may linger.  Be cautious with your money and safety.