Making a Profit with Grow Op property

I want to thank Russ Mendonca from Calvert Home Mortgage, a private mortgage company out of Calgary.   Calvert Home Mortgage serves Alberta for providing financing opportunities that help consumers and those seeking a business opportunity.  They specialize in short term financing to acheive a goal of a near future sale or refinance with a more conventional mortgage provider.

Each Grow Op is a unique opportunity and will take some planning.

Time will be saved by having a financing partner, like Calvert, who have done these types of projects before.  They have the past experience and contacts that will make project planning and SUCCESS much easier for you.

For more information, do pick up the phone and call me at 403-630-7952.  I have dealt with Calvert on behalf of a number of customers with unique opportunities, and this may be one you do not want to miss.