Alberta government oil and gas royalty contest has to beat Tim Horton's contest!

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The Alberta government oil and gas royalty contest is called "Roll Back"- and every participant who plays wins!

Tim Horton's "Roll up the rim to win!" contest has a few big prizes, many small prizes and many more "please try again".  But, Tim can get away with that because Tim Horton's has been CONSISTENT for their consumers.  When you invest in a Tim Horton's coffee, you know it will have today the same temperature, the same coffee taste, the same amount of sugar and cream- as it did yesterday and the day before.

Since Alberta unemployment statistics for February do not compare favourably to the national average, it is absolutely the time for the Alberta government to move on with their "Roll Back" contest. 

The oil and gas producer investor, spending millions and billions, will be looking for consistency, just like we do of Tim's