Alberta's "act of God" land locked oil spill value

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Watching the news over the weekend leads to this May 3, 2010 report. British Petroleum's off shore oil rig blow out is an unfolding ecological disaster.  The sad twist of fate of a disaster is:  what is another's political, economic and ecological blow becomes a value add to another.

In this case, the Alberta tar sands may ultimately end up the beneficiary of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  

For years, the tar sands has been denigrated as an ecological blight.  But, keep in mind, historically the tar sands have been known as "God's oil spill" because surface pooling was there before man.  In other words, the tar sands is a contained oil spill created before man's involvement in production.

All sovereign nations, not just the U.S., will be revisiting their off-shore licencing processes.  That will reduce off-shore as production centres.   Donation seeking ecology groups will have a more dramatic whipping boy to use.  So, it is a political and economic boon for Alberta's tar sands.   And, puts the ecological advantage to the tar sands over off-shore production.

That means there is an opportunity for Alberta's unemployment rate to move from its current 7.50% to a much lower figure, sooner rather than later.

It also means job seekers coming to Alberta will put additional pressure on housing.  Additional pressure on shelter seeking puts pressure on house pricing.  

Is this the time to make a move?  The decision is yours.