Ice Cream Real Estate Market

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How is the real estate market and ice cream retailing very similar?

Consider the "hot" real estate market.  Remember when you were on a sandy beach on a very hot day?  There is one ice cream stand.  You see a long line up of people at the stand.  Those in line behind you are grumbling for you to get moving; and, you are wondering what is holding up the folks in front of you!

Once you get to the stand, you really have no choice: it's vanilla soft ice cream, already starting to melt.  Buy it and get on with it!

Now, look at a real estate market with a good supply choice of listings.  Then real estate buying is like the 51 flavour ice cream shop.   The line up is different.  It moves slower.  People in line read and re-read the listing of flavours.  Worried looks of concentration are on their face, trying to see if they missed something.  They talk about the flavours to everyone near them.

And, when they finally get to the order counter, what do they buy?   Well, if you have attended the shop a few times and recognize familiar patrons.....they usually buy the same thing each time!

So what does this mean in today's real estate market?   The basic "flavour" you will end up buying is the location and structure or floor plan of the home that most appeals to you.  Once you recognize what your basic flavour is, changing up the purchase is easy.   Want nuts with that? Sprinkles?  Waffle or sugar cone?

These are cosmetic details that you can add to your basic decision.  The difference is, you usually pay for your ice cream with cash.  A home may need a mortgage.  

Ask how you can have the experience of dressing up your home (nuts, sprinkles, waffle or sugar cone=paint, flooring, basement development or garage), within your mortgage budget.

It will make ordering easier than reading about all the flavours.  In your heart of hearts, you know what flavour you are going to buy.  Real estate is about location and structure.