Mortgage Qualifying- like pouring a beer!

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Mortgage Qualifying is like pouring a beer because it is about CAPACITY.

A beer glass holds only so much liquid, but for flavour there tends to be some foam.

The liquid is the ultimate goal: the mortgage liquid is the mortgage principal and interest payment, property tax, provision for home heating costs, and half condo fees, if a condo is bought.

The head or foam is the rest of the debt payments such as student loan payments, credit card, loan, line of credit payments, and the future payments of "one year no pay" accounts, and obligations such as alimony and support.

If you have experienced a too quickly poured beer, you know that you do not get much liquid without making a mess.  The foam will get in the way of experiencing the most legal amount available in the capacity of the glass.

If you have too much foam, you may have to wait out and pay down the other debt to allow you to pour more liquid; or, seek family help scooping out the foam (family pay the debt off for you).